Some choose to let their dreams stay as dreams. Some try to fulfil their dreams and some go to extreme measures to realise them…

Hollywood is a macabre story about a waitress who day-dreams about becoming a big Hollywood star. But the reality of working at a small diner where the guests and the Chef mistreat her, is far from her dreams. One day she is blamed for letting a rat into the restaurant and is forced to clean the whole place from top to bottom. She decides that enough is enough and plans her revenge…

Hollywood is s modern fairytale with a a surprising twist.


Production Info:
Prod. Year: 2004  l  Run time: 12 mins  l  16:9  l  Language: Swedish  l  Subtitles: English

Written & Directed by
Antonio Tublén

Produced by
Christian Hallman
Alexander Brøndsted

Regina Lund
Fredrik Gunnarson

Director of Photographer
Linus Eklund

Production Designer
Malin Kihlberg

Costume Designer
Paola Billberg-Johansson

Make Up by
Charlotte Wolke

Sound Designer
Joakim Tillheden

Music by
Antonio Tublén
Thomas Fransson

Unit Manager
Jacob Drost Holm

Production Coordinator
Dan Bengtsson

Production Companies
Röde Orm Film
Film i Skåne
Grindhouse Pictures
Ping Pong Film

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