Desperately Seeking Seka

There was a time when…

…adult entertainment meant going to the movies. When X-rated features where shot on 35mm, had real stories and were directed by people who considered themselves film directors and not pornographers. It was the 1970s, before the home video boom, and the platinum blonde goddess of the adult silver screen was a charismatic, enthusiastic woman called Seka, a starlet worshipped by millions throughout the world.

One of Seka’s fans is Swedish journalist Stefan Nylén,, who decided to locate her for an interview. Who is Seka? What is her story? What was the adult industry like during its golden age? What became of its stars and producers? Join Stefan on his quest for Seka!

Desperately Seeking Seka is an adventurous odyssey through X-rated America, featuring open-hearted interviews with some of the most well known people in the adult entertainment of yesteryear and toady- and some truly catchy music.

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Production Info:
Prod. Year: 2002  l  Run time: 93 mins / 52 mins  l  1:1,66  l  Language: English

Directed & Produced by
Christian Hallman & Magnus Paulsson

Jane Hamilton
Peter North
John Leslie
Nina Hartley
Bob Burge
Randy West
Al Goldstein
Scott Taylor
Ashlyn Gere

Director of Photography
Christian Hallman

Joakim Strand

Music by
Antonio Tublén

Sound Design & Mix
Joakim Tillheden

Edited by
Christian Hallman

Idea & Concept
Stefan Nylén

Written by
Christian Hallman

Graphic Design
Jesper K.S.

Njuta Films (Scandinavia)
Disinformation (World Wide - non exclusive)

Co-Production Company
Film i Skåne

Production Companies
Grindhouse Pictures
Planet X

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