The White Gold

Lars from Denmark is a modern gold digger. He secretly sells his semen to Swedish single women and lesbians. But on of his clients, Lisa, wants more than just his “white gold” and threatens to destroy Lars’ bachelor life.


Production Info:
Prod. Year: 2009  l  Run time: 28 mins  l  Anamorphic 16:9  l  Language: Danish/Swedish  l  Subtitles: English

Directed by
Peder Pedersen

Peter Pilegaard
Amanda Ooms

Patrik Karlson
Særún Norén
Maria Lucia Rosenberg
Tommy Prang Vonsyld

Written by
Carsten Støttrup & Peder Pedersen

Director of Photography
Marcel Zyskind

Produced by
Erik Arheden
Christian Hallman

Line Producers
Sara Dahl
Johnny Nielsen

Associate Producers
Nicolas Barbano
Anders Vestergaard Petersen

Executive Producer
Sauro Mastio

Editing by
Jimmy Falinski
Peder Pedersen

Production Designer
Hans Peter Ludvigsen

Make up & Costume
Camilla Norwood

Sound Designer & Mix
Torsten Larsen

Sound Recordist
Olle Nielsen

Lars H. Sørensen

Music by
Soft Charlie
Morten Remmer
Sune Wagner

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